Incident Reviews and User Stories


Our after-sales team immediately explained the situation to the customer and proposed three solutions.

Retention Policy

92% of users choose this policy

Since the detected files pose no inherent risk, customers retain the option of deleting the files or opting for a clean installation of the operating system. ACEMAGIC provides the required operating system and detailed instructions. In addition, affected customers who choose to keep the product will be compensated up to 25% of the original order price.

Return Policy

5% of users choose this policy

Customers affected by this incident are encouraged to check the production date of their mini PC, which can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the device. ACEMAGIC will cover return shipping costs and will provide a full refund to customers who choose to return affected products.

Exchange Policy

3% of users choose this policy

While replacement products manufactured before November 2023 cannot be guaranteed due to inventory limitations, ACEMAGIC is committed to doing its best to assist customers with the replacement process and protect their rights.

Program Optimization

Our R&D department has modified the code of the EDNVE software according to Microsoft's requirements.

Digital Certification

We are actively applying for Microsoft's official digital certification and joining the Microsoft Store to provide security guarantees for subsequent development.

Certification Authority

Authoritative organizations and anti-virus software Avast are conducting virus detection, and a complete detection report will be issued after the detection is completed.

Latest Statement

ACEMAGIC products have been confirmed virus-free through Avast virus scanning and subsequently added to the Avast whitelist. We are dedicated to stringent security measures to ensure ongoing product safety and customer confidence. Moving forward, we will collaborate with additional authoritative organizations for comprehensive testing and transparent disclosure of results.

Reinforcing Product Security and Trust at ACEMAGIC

In response to the recent virus incident announced on February 21, 2024, ACEMAGIC has taken proactive measures to enhance product security and rebuild consumer trust. We are pleased to confirm that our latest products have undergone comprehensive scans using Microsoft Security Intelligent, affirming their integrity and ensuring they remain free of any viruses.

It's important to note that while our previous assertion regarding the use of Microsoft Defender was accurate, this time, we employed Microsoft Security Intelligent for an additional layer of scrutiny. This underscores our commitment to leveraging the latest and most robust security tools available to safeguard our customers' privacy and ensure product security.

Furthermore, we want to emphasize our dedication to meticulous scrutiny and testing throughout the product development process. Every step and every line of code is subject to rigorous review and testing to ensure that user privacy receives 100% protection. This commitment extends beyond mere compliance; it's ingrained in our culture and reflected in our practices.

At ACEMAGIC, we understand the paramount importance of user privacy and product security. We pledge to continue our unwavering efforts to uphold these principles, ensuring that our customers can trust in the reliability and security of our products.

We deeply appreciate the trust and support of our customers, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing them with superior products and services while safeguarding their privacy with the highest standards of security.


Pure version system

ACEMAGIC easily provides exclusive downloads for new system installations on its official website and provides ACEMAGIC Mini PC users with clear instructions on how to download and install updates.


Customer Feedback


It has been three months since I bought my computer. When I received the official investigation email from ACEMAGIC, I followed their operating procedures and indeed detected the warned program. I provided them with screenshots to prove it and agreed to the product retention policy, I finally received a 20% partial refund.

Charles C Howland

Los Angeles, CA


I fully accept their handling of the incident, and I still believe in the ACEMAGIC brand. Their response speed to customers is worthy of recognition.


New York


This is not actually malware, but it has not been officially certified by Microsoft. For the sake of user experience, ACEMAGIC wanted to optimize the computer startup speed and force the step of connecting to WIFI to be skipped, so we developed this application. But we hope that ACEMAGIC developers must conduct comprehensive testing and certification before development to avoid unnecessary panic to customers.


Miami, FL


This unit replaced an 8-year-old laptop I used for work. I am amazed at how easy the setup is and this PC's speed. I would recommend this PC to anyone. Thank you!


Denver, CO


I've been using this as a stand in for my comp while I travel. It will do basic gaming on a few games but if your going to any kind of high end gaming. It's beat to stream them using GeForce now. Again this rig is perfect for that.


Los Angeles, CA