Mini PCs


    Discover ACEMAGIC Mini PCs: Power, Portability, and Style.

    Introducing ACEMAGIC Mini PCs - a fusion of power, portability, and style that redefines your computing experience. Our extraordinary lineup of compact computers seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into your lifestyle, promising an unparalleled computing journey. Our hot-selling Mini PCs are:

    ACEMAGIC Ad08 Intel Core i9-11900h Mini PC

    Experience computing excellence with ACEMAGIC Ad08, featuring the Intel Core i9-11900H processor. Effortlessly handling intensive tasks, it boasts 16GB RAM, 512GB storage, WIFI 6 for seamless connectivity, and captivating RGB lighting effects. Elevate your tasks with unparalleled performance in a visually stunning package.

    ACEMAGIC Tank 03 Intel Core i7/i9 Gaming Mini PC

    Embark on a thrilling gaming experience with ACEMAGIC Tank 03, powered by the potent Intel Core i7-12700H processor and featuring an RTX 3070 for vibrant graphics. Its compact design enhances performance, complemented by 32GB RAM, a 1TB SSD, and the added bonus of free shipping. Dive into unparalleled gaming excellence.


    Immerse yourself in the revolutionary ACEMAGIC AMR5, a powerhouse featuring the AMD Ryzen™ 7 5700U processor. Seamlessly blending efficiency and speed, this AMD Ryzen processor elevates your productivity.

    Tailored for creative professionals or multitasking enthusiasts, the ACEMAGIC AMR5 comes equipped with 32GB RAM, a 512GB SSD, and the added convenience of Windows 11 Pro. Plus, enjoy the benefits of free shipping, making the ACEMAGIC AMR5 your ultimate companion for unparalleled computing performance.

    ACEMAGIC S1 Intel 12th Alder Laker N95 Mini PC

    Embrace innovation with the ACEMAGIC S1, powered by Intel's latest Alder Lake architecture, specifically the Alder Laker N95. This marvel ensures a lightning-fast and efficient computing experience, boasting a sleek design that perfectly complements its impressive capabilities.

    Featuring 16GB RAM, a spacious 512GB storage, and enhanced by Intel® UHD Graphics, the ACEMAGIC S1 stands as a statement piece in any setting, combining style with exceptional performance.

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    Spruce up your expectations, embrace power, and make a statement with ACEMAGIC. Choose your compact marvel and redefine what's possible in the world of computing. With free shipping, a 30-day refund policy and 24/7 customer support service, we are ready to exceed your expectations. Order now!