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The ACE magic Mini PC Newsroom. You can see relevant media and bloggers who reported on our products.

AMR5 A Low-Power Device

The AMR5 is not the smallest Mini-PC on the market, but it is not pretending to be one. The vertical standing chassis with a large mode-changing knob supports three different settings....

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Initial Inspiration of AMR5

The first AMR5 of ACEMAGICIAN was launched on March 8, 2022, on Kickstarter, priced at $499-728. It’s slightly different from those in the market. Having a built-in budget AMD-4500U chip, ...

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AM06pro Mini PC

【Mini PC Ryzen 5 5600U Processeur】ACEMAGICIAN Mini Ordinateur de Bureau est équipé d’un processeur AMD Ryzen 5 5600U (2.3-4.2GHz, 6 cœurs 12 threads, 16MB L3 cache)....

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This Powerful Gaming Mini PC

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Expert Mini PC

Multiple Screen Support

Win an AMR5 Mini Gaming PC

Get your game on and be in with the chance of winning an Ace Magician AMD-powered mini gaming PC.

Ace Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Ace Magician, the renowned mini PC maker brand, is proud to announce its tenth anniversary. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the company is offeringa 25%discount on all its products across its recently upgraded website. This is a limited time offer and is available on products like the AMR5, T8 PRO, AD03, and TK11.

Acemagician AMR5 Mini PC

The Acemagician AMR5 was originally promoted on Kickstarter, something that platform wasn’t created to be used for. In its original form, it used a lower specification AMD processor, but now its been revamped into a retail product that uses an AMD Ryzen 5 class CPU.

AMR5 Mini PC Review & Unboxing

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