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Ace Magician AM08 Pro Visually attractive!

The Ace Magician AM08 Pro is the ultimate mini PC for gamers and all those who are looking for maximum performance in a very compact case. With its modern and powerful AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor and the AMD Radeon 680M, it offers a lot of gaming performance, while still being small enough to fit into any bag. Find out in this extensive review with numerous benchmarks what else the Ace Magician AM08 Pro has to offer.

AceMagician AM08 ProBest mini PC for students

The bigger brother to the AMR5, the AM08 Pro comes with a slightly larger body size and somewhat beefed-up internal specs that include a higher-powered AMD chip. It's little surprise then that it performed better on our benchmark tests and turned its hand to more-demanding tasks too. Elden Ring played well enough for more casual gamers on low settings, so those of you looking to enjoy lighter titles on Steam will be perfectly well catered for here. 

Ace Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Ace Magician, the renowned mini PC maker brand, is proud to announce its tenth anniversary. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the company is offeringa 25%discount on all its products across its recently upgraded website. This is a limited time offer and is available on products like the AMR5, T8 PRO, AD03, and TK11.

Win an AMR5 Mini Gaming PC

Get your game on and be in with the chance of winning an Ace Magician AMD-powered mini gaming PC.

AMR5 Mini PC Review & Unboxing

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Acemagic AMR5 Mini PC

The Acemagic AMR5 was originally promoted on Kickstarter, something that platform wasn’t created to be used for. In its original form, it used a lower specification AMD processor, but now its been revamped into a retail product that uses an AMD Ryzen 5 class CPU.

Tiny and Powerful Gaming PC

The ACEMAGICIAN AMR5 Mini Gaming PC is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s a gaming PC with very respectable specs, capable of feeding multiple monitors and running some of the most hardcore PC games on the market. And yet it’s shockingly compact. As a matter of fact, it may very well be the smallest desktop computer you’ve ever seen.